Chemical Products



BMS VerSol D is the right replacement for solvents such as THF, NMP / NEP or Chlorinated solvents.


BMS VerSol B is the right replacement for solvents such as D-Limonene, Dearomatized hydrocarbons or Perchloroethylene..


BMS VerSol M is the right replacement for solvents such as Methylene Chloride, Acetone or MEK.


BMS VerSol T is the right replacement for solvents such as NMP/NEP, Glycols or Aromatics, has no CLP labelling and is fully miscible in water and / or acid.


SEM SDR is a novel, advanced rust removal chemical technology for use on all grades of steel.

Enviro - Syn HCR

Enviro-Syn HCR is part of the ‘Environmentally Responsible’ HCl acid replacement product line that has comparable performance to Hydrochloric acid, without the extremely hazardous Health-Safety-Environmental exposure and corrosive properties.

Xantham Gum (liquid and powder)

Xantham Gum is a versatile product and can be used in most types of water-based fluids for rheology modification, hole cleaning and solids suspension.

BMS Sulfex 30

A scale dissolver designed to efficiently remove scale down-hole. It removes scale formed in pipes, tanks and process systems.

Sodiumhydroxide solution – 32%

Sodium hydroxide is a strong base that is widely used both in the laboratory and in the global industry. Among other for the production of soap.

BMS Liquid Stopper

A BMS product that acts as a semi solid plug. This plug allows workover activities without impairing the formation. BMS liquid Stopper is biodegradable.

Green chemicals

Cleanstream supplies safe, green, environmentally friendly chemicals for cleaning, de-rusting and protecting any kind of reusable and / or precious objects and property. Think for example:

  • Completely pH neutral, safe derusting of metal tools, pipes, installations.
  • Descaling / Cleaning of boilers, heat exchangers, pipes and pump systems with minimal manual labor required.
  •  Acidic cleaning of difficult scales, safe for hands, skin and environment.
  • Strong solvents for cleaning sulphate deposits in geothermal, oil and gas wells, mid- and downstream installations and systems.
  • Innovative acid substitutes for stimulation of geothermal, oil and gas wells.

This has enabled us to position ourselves as a green partner in this industry. We are always looking for the most efficient yet environmentally friendly solutions and products for our clients.


Certification; guaranteed green and effective

Cleanstream’ s products are guaranteed to be green and effective. The products come with three certifications and documents:

  • CEFAS certificate
  • HOCNF Certificate (Harmonized Offshore Chemical Notification Format, issued by CEFAS).
  • REACH documentation (Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals: European legislation for registration, evaluation and authorization of chemicals).


Cleanstream, your partner for green chemical solutions!


    Green chemical solutions